What Is Meditation?

Meditation is simple but it is not easy. Just to sit and ‘be’ takes courage; it is hard to ‘let go’, to surrender to the present moment and rest in an attentive awareness of what is. ‘The power of the now’ has become a catchword – and it is only in the now that anything happens.

Meditation helps to unravel the constant rush of thoughts and images crowding the mind and opens a path to stillness and silence. That is why meditation is often called a ‘way’ rather than a technique, a ‘path’ that opens as we walk it.

The present moment is all we have; it reflects the quality of our presence to life at any given moment. Awareness is always about presence. ‘It is a way of openness, a way of being receptive, a way of listening with the heart and looking with the eyes of the soul.’

Meditation is about stillness. Stillness opens the heart to attentiveness and attentiveness opens the way to presence. Without this there can be no response as meditation/prayer is essentially ‘response to God’s presence.

Meditation is often the missing dimension in many people’s lives today. Our lives are crowded with so many things and when we say we have no time to meditate, we really mean we have no time to live. “Born to meditate” has been written to help interested others find deep peace and meaning in their lives and to enjoy a  special relationship with God -“to experience the Divine Embrace”.